Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Create Simple Web Services with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

1.File new solution-->wcf-->wcf service application(ClientName.ServiceName)
2.Rename the SVS and CS files
3.Add the references of crm sdk dlls
4.Add Error.cs and Helper.cs
5.ServiceRequest.cs and ServiceResponse.cs
6.Add the keys in webconfig
7.declare the function in IServicename.cs
8.Define functon in Servicename.svc.cs
Download the Reference Code:
9.Build/Rebuild  the application
10.Right click the application and publish the application
a)select the custom and enter the application name
b)Go to connection,Select the "File System as publish method".Creste the folder in you local drive and select the publish path.

c)Go to settings,Check all the options and publish

d)Go to the published folder in your system and take the published files

11.Go to iis in server keep the files in server folder and create the website and publish
a)Right click on sites and click add website

  •     Give the site name
  •     Select the applicationpool(Optioinal)
  •     Select the published file path
  •     Give the port number

b)Change the server ip instead of localhost and browse client system
Client System:

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